Into the Lab

The door is open. Come in. We'll show you the alembics and the machinery. Don't worry, it almost never explodes.

Our Story

Bee Lab is a brand new storytelling studio founded in 2023 by writers and editors (and husband and wife) Valentina Kay and Daniele Bonfanti, with base camp Lanzarote (Canary Islands). We are passionate about crafting original stories, experimenting with various media -- text, images, photos, video, music, web... -- and pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity to tell great narratives in unexpected ways.

Featured Projects

lots more coming

An AI-Illustrated Experiment to showcase what can be done at the end of 2023 through human-AI collaboration. A short but complete -- and ultra-cool -- SF/horror comic book, ripe with action and also featuing a fun Making Of and an interview with the AI artist!

Would you like to experience one of the most unique and beautiful sceneries in the world through our articles, videos, photos and (sometimes) original music? Adventure Lanzarote is a website and a YouTube channel for travelers, artists, outdoor lovers and dreamers.

A bee-colony superorganism helming a star icebreaker.
Symbiosis is a serial novel of wild cosmic adventure and mind-twisting space horror, published in bite-sized episodes perfect for a single reading session!

Enter the Hive

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